Responsible Gaming

At Pin-Up, we do our best to provide our customers with quality sports betting and casino services. We give you every opportunity to enjoy gambling and have a good time. We encourage all Pin-Up customers to use our services wisely and responsibly so that there are no negative consequences.

Pin-Up offers a wide range of high-quality sports betting and casino services.

Basic Principles

Pin-Up has always been an advocate and supporter of responsible gambling principles when it comes to gambling. First of all, it should be understood that casinos are a good way to spend time, have fun and enjoy yourself, but it is definitely not a way to make money and users should realize that they may bear the risk of losing money.
We encourage customers to engage in gambling without compromising other areas of life, routines, family and friends. We urge you not to treat gambling as a way of making profits to pay for life’s necessities because there are no guarantees and there is always a risk factor involved.

Helpful Hints for Responsible Gambling

The vast majority of gamblers are well aware that they may have self-control problems. Nevertheless, the most important remedy against the negative side effects of gambling is knowledge and education about the risks of gambling. For this reason, we want to remind you once again about the basic and very important things, as well as give you recommendations on how to avoid gambling addiction and not to face problems from it:

  • Clearly limit the budget you can spend on gambling;
  • Do not bet on money whose loss will lead to negative consequences in your life;
  • Do not bet on money that you have borrowed from any person or financial institution;
  • Do not let betting take up a significant part of the time in your routine;
  • Treat casinos as an enjoyable hobby, not as a way to make quick and easy money;
  • Place all bets with a cool head and don’t make emotional decisions about losing money if you do;
  • Take breaks when you realize you are tired or losing concentration.


If you have been diagnosed with a gambling addiction or if you yourself have realized that you want to stop, to take a break, you can apply for self-exclusion.”Self-exclusion” means that you exclude yourself from all gambling of your own free will. A short break can be very helpful, it can help you gather your thoughts and avoid making bad decisions. This exclusion cannot be revoked for a specific period of time. You should be aware that accounts closed under our self-exclusion policy cannot be canceled or reopened for any reason before the expiration date. However, upon expiration of the self-exclusion period, we will notify you when your account is active again.